The pump immersion depth is the capacity in meters that a submersible pump can tolerate when immersed in water.
most shallow pumps will have an immersion depth of 8M despite having a maximum head in excess of the rated immersion depth.
why is immersion depth an important property in the choice of pumps? it is because if you immerse a pump beyond its rated immersion depth the chances of the mechanical seal breaking are increased hence water shorting the windings.

the water column above the pump exerts pressure on the sealing system, this water column changes with seasons.

most deep well pumps have immersion depths close to the maximum head, Doyin 3/7 submersible pump for example can be immersed up to 50 meters without the fear of the system’s mechanical system breaking.
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Its always recommended that you consult your pump expert for the right pump for your well.

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